Organizations Hire for Technical
and Fire for Behavioral

It’s no secret that these days, Executive and Professional Presence Training is very much centre-ice in HR circles. And, it would appear, with good reason. There is an immediate need, no let’s go a step further and say there’s a sense of urgency, to bump up the standard of behaviour among staff at all levels.

What seems to have happened is that across the broad spectrum of people doing the hiring and interviewing, technical expertise is often the overwhelming force behind employment decisions. In other words, step up to the plate with great credentials and the job is yours! The folks being interviewed and looking for a new job or promotion have fallen into this same trap: technical prowess trumps interpersonal skills. So naturally, there’s minimal encouragement or reason to look outside the technical box – until it’s too late.

At a recent conference for board directors, a survey revealed some startling stats. There was a simple poll where participants were asked two straightforward questions:

  1. Reasons you hire: Technical or Behavioral.
  2. Reasons you fire: Technical or Behavioral.

The results were astonishing! One hundred percent replied they hire based on technical criteria and 90 percent acknowledged that staff behavior results in a decision to fire. A vicious circle.

Several years ago, the Carnegie Foundation published a study that challenges the predisposition to hire based on technical bias. To paraphrase, “Your success in business is 85 percent based on your attitude and ability to relate to other people and only 15 percent based on your job knowledge and technical skills.”

Rise above the crowd

The Executive Presence System is structured to ensure participants:

  • Elevate their status to achieve the next level.
  • Network with confidence, anywhere and with anyone.
  • Encourage people’s trust and respect.
  • Enhance their Reputation, key to developing authentic Executive Presence.



Look and act like a Leader

This multi-faceted Workshop takes participants through a series of coaching sessions to:

  • Create powerful First Impressions.
  • Communicate with confidence and professionalism across all platforms from boardrooms and large presentations to client meetings and “virtual” connections, including video conferences, emails and social media.
  • Behave with confidence and poise in every situation.

Expanding horizons

Executive Presence is multi-dimensional. We cover all the bases and more:

  • Credibility, Likeability, Trust and Appearance, the 4 elements comprising First Impressions.
  • Integrity, the key to recovering from a less-than-perfect First Impression.
  • Maintaining credibility.
  • Charisma, how to emanate power while displaying warmth.